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Journey to paradise : Kashmir! 

I woke up next to my cousin brother, tired and exhausted. Even six hours after starting our journey we were still in the car. Maybe going to Kashmir by road was a mistake, but what else can we do when we are travelling with three families full of cheapskates.

Those zig-zag roads in the mountains were making all of us feel dizzy. Especially me, as I’m very vulnerable to these kinds of scenarios. All i did was pop up some medicines that would make me fall asleep for hours. This worked pretty well in the first place. Our SUV climbed one of the steepest and dangerous roads on earth giving us goosebumps.

The journey showed me one of the best sceneries that anyone can ever imagine. Those Himalayan snow clad mountains, green pine trees and water streams were like heaven. All this while I wondered how nature made everything so precise. Everything seemed to have a story of its own. The sun hid behind the mountains teasing people with its dim sunshine. In that cold weather, all i wanted was some heat from the sun. I stepped out of the car and inhaled the freshest air ever.  I took out my phone from my pocket and took a snap.


It was one of the most beautiful things i had ever seen.  For the first time in my life, i was so much in love with nature.  I wished if this moment would never end. I lie down on the soft grass and looked at the clear blue sky as it looked like the guardians of this beautiful ecosystem. Those thin long trees shielded the ground and tiny animals worshipped their home.

I compared the exotic scenery with the human life. Considering every component of nature with the human life.

  • The sky would depict the success of our lives as it governed the environment just as success does to our lives. 
  • The downhill would signify the failure but at the same time, the uphill would give us a hope of success. 
  • The soil taught us how to be grounded in our life and how generosity and humbleness would make us stay happy. 

In the midst of my deep thoughts, i forgot that it’s been long since we took a break in our journey. It was time for us to resume our expedition at what is called the “Paradise on earth”.

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How He Saw Her

He went on to see her after a very long time. Meeting her was a great deal for him. He saw her coming and it wasn’t the first time but she made him go speechless.

Her thick black hair fell loosely on her shoulders. Her dazzling chocolate brown eyes framed by long lashes that she flicked constantly could brighten anyone’s world. Her cherry lips looked like a frozen rose, dangerous but beautiful, and her milky white skin could mesmerise anyone. She was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen, like a painting of a goddess brought to life. When she smiled, the world would sigh with contentment. When she laughed, the world would laugh with her. And if she shed a tear, the whole world would want to comfort her.


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Choosing Paths :) 

I’m at a point of my life where i have to take tough decisions. They say this is the time when fate is decided.  

I’m almost 18 years old now and being in india this is considered one of the most crucial time of our lives. As I have finally completed my high school there is only one question that is being asked to me everyone around me and by myself. 

“What are you planning to do in life now?”. Honestly i have no idea. Three years back i felt the same kind of dilemma where i had to choose my stream of academics. I was clueless then, i never had any ambitions in life. My parents always encouraged me to take up challenges. I finally decided to study science as my subject. 

 Three years post then I’m still the same. I’m still clueless about my life. I still don’t have any ambition. I don’t have any goal in life. All i know is to live in the present moment. Situations are similar but this time i feel that a lot is at stake. In India, most of the people wish for a secure job, a house and a family. That’s what we call being ‘settled‘. 

I’m a kinda very distracted person. I don’t have any great academic records. I was a bright student when i was younger. Times have changed as my performance has degraded so much that forget about scoring good,  i even struggle to PASS an exam. At a place where there is seventy percent probability that your academics will decide your future, I’m screwing up big. Sometimes i cry to myself and sometimes i feel I’m depressed. When my results are out i think that i would like to be among those thirty percent people who would do something else for a living. 

Everytime i try to discuss the issue with my mother, the conversation ends like this. 

“Mom i don’t think I’m those study types and i wanna do something else in life”

” okay then what do you wanna do? ”

” I really don’t know…. But something else than studies “

I feel fortunate that i have sensible parents who are willing to understand and give me a chance. 

But time is running out…. I can’t think of anything that will give my life a direction. 

I know I’m not a loser and someday i will find my way out. 

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Maybe the time when the whole world is asleep is the best time of the day. 

It’s now almost 3 years that I’m a total insomniac. It all started with a chain of events that led to these sleepless nights.  Eventually, it became a habit. Currently being in my teenage years I really love this time period. It’s a time when every shit seems quiet and you have your own privacy and space. It’s a time to think. Thinking about yourself. The deepest thoughts come to my mind at this very time.

When you are in a complicated relationship, this may be the time when you think about every aspect of it. Decisions that you made in past, consequences that may occur in future are the common thoughts that are often termed ‘over-thinking‘.  Now, this is what screws up your mind and eventually, you become upset over some pointless reasons.
Moving on from relationships, when you start being awake for the whole night you realise that there’s so much more time to utilise in a day. Personally, I find a strange feeling in this time.  I’m kinda totally different person. I’m serious about everything happening with me. People whom I’m talking to.

The time period between 1 AM- 6 AM has become my favourite part of the day.

(I ain’t no werewolf)

Well, lemme end with something meaningful.

5 AM, the time when legends either go to sleep or wake up”