Maybe the time when the whole world is asleep is the best time of the day. 

It’s now almost 3 years that I’m a total insomniac. It all started with a chain of events that led to these sleepless nights.  Eventually, it became a habit. Currently being in my teenage years I really love this time period. It’s a time when every shit seems quiet and you have your own privacy and space. It’s a time to think. Thinking about yourself. The deepest thoughts come to my mind at this very time.

When you are in a complicated relationship, this may be the time when you think about every aspect of it. Decisions that you made in past, consequences that may occur in future are the common thoughts that are often termed ‘over-thinking‘.  Now, this is what screws up your mind and eventually, you become upset over some pointless reasons.
Moving on from relationships, when you start being awake for the whole night you realise that there’s so much more time to utilise in a day. Personally, I find a strange feeling in this time.  I’m kinda totally different person. I’m serious about everything happening with me. People whom I’m talking to.

The time period between 1 AM- 6 AM has become my favourite part of the day.

(I ain’t no werewolf)

Well, lemme end with something meaningful.

5 AM, the time when legends either go to sleep or wake up”



10 thoughts on “Maybe the time when the whole world is asleep is the best time of the day. 

  1. Whatever is that chain of events that leads you to this.. I hope you could win over it and get back to a good night sleep soon. Cause a good night sleep offers a much better mornings ahead 🙂


  2. I liked this one.. I’m a terrible insomniac myself and it grew on me when I was much younger.
    I used to like it because it allowed me stay up to read all I wanted but sometimes, I want to sleep and it’s really hard.

    Cool post btw.


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