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When he saw her for the first time, 

She was a perfect stranger for him. 

From being a perfect stranger to a perfect lover, 

The story inspired many people on it’s way. 

The story showed love, hate and guilts. 

Do’s and Dont’s that other people were to follow,

Setting an example for a perfect relationship. 

As for now,  the perfect couple is no longer together. 

As she chose to walk towards a different direction,

That led her so far away from him. 

Destiny never seemed so cruel.

For him, she became a perfect lesson of his life. 

Love · snippets

It’s okay

He was so angry at her. 

Even after everything she had done to him, 

He had forgiven her a million times before. 

“That’s it! I’ve had enough of her. Now i won’t get below my self respect.”He said as he tried to convince himself. 

 With tears in his eyes, he remembered the happy moments they had spent together. 

Again, with a hope of love, 

He learnt to compromise. 

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How It Happens :’) 

​When you think that everything is going well.  
Something happens that changes your time.  

When you get confused between right and wrong.  

When you get to know what’s the reality.  

Relationships are strange,  unpredictable.  

And the most important thing ,  don’t ever try to understand a girl. 

You can never understand a girl. 

But if you insist yourself more in this ,  you may fall in love. 


Like any other story…

I called her up and asked her if we could hang out somewhere. It was nearly a month since we switched from talking 5 hours a day to not talking at all. I thought it would be great if I could confront her about everything that was happening in my life. I wished everything became transparent between us just the way it was before, I wished something that every human asks himself /herself at a point of their lives. I wanted my past back.


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I was in seventh grade when I heard Eminem for the first time. It was the year’s biggest hit ‘Not Afraid’. When I heard it I found the rhythm quite great and I really enjoyed the song. English is not my first language and at that time my English wasn’t that good and listening someone singing at such fast pace was incredible. But everything he said went over my head, I could barely understand ten percent of the whole song. I really didn’t care what he was saying I just enjoyed listening to it. It was just like dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’ without even knowing a single word.

After some time I got bored and switched to other artists because I wasn’t able to understand anything. A few years later I came across another song which was even cooler than the last one. This time I decided that I would try to understand everything he says. I opened up the lyrics and read everything word by word. You don’t really do that with Eminem’s song but yeah I had to do that. I heard the song again and again until I understood everything.

I downloaded a few more songs. The more I listened to him I got more obsessed with him and his songs. They a had one thing in common, they were meaningful songs, unlike the party songs which just boast about stupid things. A message that he wanted to deliver through his songs. I started to research about him, scrolling through his biography on Wikipedia I learnt about the back story of what today he is.

A guy who faced so many hardships during his lifetime became a legend in the global music industry. His songs are more like a poem filled with so much aggression, self-pride and motivation. His unapologetic attitude towards everything shows how the success hasn’t changed him at all. I know that his songs are not children – friendly but if that’s the best way to convey the message, I find it okay.


These songs have been a big deal in my life. I’ve started to love music a lot. As for Eminem, he’s the one I see as an inspiration. Even at times in periods of depression these songs has given me motivation to not to give up. There was a time when I had almost killed myself, and then it was when Marshall helped me overcome my insecurities. I’ve now become more proud of myself, straightforward and determined. Life’s easier when you just need to plug in your earphones and start the music when you need some support and motivation.

Only if Marshall knew how he is changing lives of his fans. 🙂

“So you got beat up a lot in your school days? ”

” I got beat up in the bathroom, beat up in the hallways, shoved in the lockers. You know hip hop has been always about bragging and boasting about I’m better than u with this, I’m better than with that and i finally found something that,  yeah this kid over there may have more chicks and better clothes but he can’t do this ever like me, you know man he can’t write what I’m writing right now and get started to feel like Marshall is getting some respect.”


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